Pierre-Luc Beaudoin

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My name is pronounced [pjεʀ lʏk boduɛ̃].
You can't shorten my first name although I'll sometime accept PL.

You will find me online under the nickname pierlux.

I'm born in Québec City, I studied in Montréal, lived in San Francisco for 9 years and now back in Montréal.

I am a stay at home dad. Before that I was an engineering manager at Yelp, and before that at Apple on Apple Maps and Apple News.
Before that, I contributed to libchamplain, Empathy and WebKit too.

You can read about my past gigs on LinkedIn.

I enjoy traveling and I like capturing moments —
you will find my best shots on 500px
and my older shots over at Flickr.

I visited over 18 countries already.

See my travel log

I think learning new languages is a challenging hobby to have. For example I took basic Japanese before going to Japan. I master French and English. I used to be good at German. I'm currently learning ASL.

I play the piano when I have time and I'd like to be better at the Ukulele. I also used to play the trumpet!

I seldom use Twitter partly because I find it already noisy as it is.

Only close friends will get to share my whereabouts and diatribes on Facebook.

For everyone else, electronic mail is the best way to get in touch.

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